We believe in strong foundation for any success.

We provide various trainings in the area of DevOps. With our rich experience implementing DevOps over many years, our trainings are designed to be more practical than theory. Real life examples and case studies make our training highly effective and easy to understand. Crossing the road is well taught to the kids by taking them to the road and making them cross “under supervision” rather than explaining the theory in the class room. This is exactly our philosophy and having learnt this subject the hard way.

We ensure the best is delivered to the trainees.

We deliver trainings on both DevOps process and Tools from both commercial and Open Source world. We are flexible and can deliver trainings at customer premises, our own premises and remotely using web meeting technologies.

  • SCM Fundamentals covering build and release management (Standard and Customized based on customer process).
  • DevOps Tools trainings (Specialized in IBM Rational and Open Source Tools) Any specific trainings in the area of DevOps based on customer need.