Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Scheduler solution improves reliability, longevity and efficient work execution with:

  • Intuitive visual navigation through work orders and tasks
  • Ability to manage task and work dependencies like finish to start, start to start, finish to finish and start to finish including lead and lag
  • Compare resource load against availability to ensure optimal resource usage
  • Auto scheduling of work based on task dependencies and work shifts
  • Configurable Gantt view enables schedule specific data layout
  • Ability to create “what if” scenarios
  • Create your PM forecasts automatically from any existing PM records and view them graphically along with open Maximo work orders
  • Drag and drop forecast dates to accommodate resource availability, highlighting and adjusting for resource shortfalls long before the work is generated
  • Carry out your resource assignments directly from within the work order application, leveraging current and future availability profiles